February 25, 2010
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Have you ever been to Idaho?
They don’t use the Euro
You may wonder why that is,
Well, that’s the government’s biz.
The United States gov that is.

Back in seventeen seventy six
Our forefathers thought our country needed a fix.
The independence declaration
Changed the nation
The United States that is.

Iowa, New York, and Quebec.
Hold on a second, wait!
That’s not in the United States
Also known as Amurrika

Our country is never a bore
Since we are usually at war.
Now we have flowers,
Dedicated to the twin towers.

We use lots of fossil fuel
And that is why we are so cool
But global warming is no joke
That is why we are trying not to choke
On carbon dioxide that is.

Hawaii, Arizona, and Quebec.
Wait! Quebec is in Canada
It should be more like Nevada
Since we’re in the United States.
So don’t try to debate.
‘Cause this is Amurrika.

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