March 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Why do new experiences give such a rush?
Even with a simple touch
I don't care that much
Or do I say that just to hide how i feel
Just to make it seem more real
Say how you feel
No matter what you do
Fly if you wanna fly
Cry if you wanna cry
Smile all the while you can smile
Hold your head up high
Reach the sky
No limits
Nothing can hold you back
Life is simple
So let it be
Let it go!
Let your body language flow
Let the whole world know!
No secrets anymore
No more closed doors
Walk into the sunshine
Air out all the secrets kept inside

The author's comments:
Lately I've gotten tired of people saying they feel a certain way and having their actions and body language say another thing. This is for anyone like me or like my friends.

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