My Mind's Made Up

February 19, 2010
By , Jim Thorpe, PA
verse 1:

My heart/wanting more/escaped/now it's on the floor
Bled out and broken lost with words you've spoken
Repeating themselves in every memory/deep down you are you two a lie?
If not tell me why/you're such a flirt/could be mine/f*** it hurts that

I've lost it all, effort is down the drain
(Still you refuse to give it away)
And now I'm drowning in the pain.
(Still you believe she'll love you someday)
I'm not giving in, I'm giving it all so
if you don't change your mind at least don't let me fall-

Verse 2:
As I look around I see you in every way
They make it differing to get through the day
When I look in your eyes I see a world I wanna be inside
A world like our dreams, that we want to hide.
You say you like me, but I see more
What do you avoid it for
Your why I heal, so why do I feel


Verse 3:
I hold my memories like I hold my past
I let them slip away, they never last
And yet your the only thing that fills my mind
The thoughts are hidden in the music; left behind
Sometimes you figure it out, sometimes you don't , what's that about
But no matter where my thoughts are there's this way you look at me
It melts my heart right out my core, dripping blood on the floor
I guess it goes to show


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