Cold Winter Night

February 12, 2010

11:22 on a winter night,
the snow was cold,
nothing felt right.
she hid in the darkness,
no one would care till
morning came
and took over the sky.
so sharp was the blade that
cut her life apart,
like the tongue of who she thought
she cared about.

(pre chorus)

sometime earlier she
screamed across the dimlit
room, “im not the kid you thought
i was! im not the soul you thought you loved!” 2X


there was no white in her eyes,
she got left behind.
the station was empty hours ago,
the lights were out,
everything went cold.
angels abandon her life,
she was stuck in between
the constellations.


she poured out the tears she kept
in her dresser drawer before she left.
then she looked to the clouds in desperation,
then looked to the ground in consolation.
lost but never found remains the life
of the dead, among them lies the girl
with iron eyes that kept her from
hanging on.

(pre chorus)



the stars went out like
her never ending nightmare.
all she ever wanted was to end this fight.
no one ever deserves whats right.
at the sorrow filled funeral
they sang with no might.



11:23 on a winter night,
her lifeless eyes
sparkled in the moonlight.

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