February 10, 2010
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i never been good at this kinda thing.
Especially if something to me was like a dream.
I've come to find out nothing is ever as it seems.
Find out who people really hard right before they leave.
I trusted this dude with all my heart.
I told him i did even in the start.
But i have no reason to since the part.
He used to be my light,whenever i was in the dark.
My reminder when i had no mark.
Things changed.
Its like something covered my eyes,like bangs.
Something sucked the life outta me,fangs.
Lifeless,loveless thats how me & the one i trusted..
Ended up.
Things fall apart.
A backwards race,Go,get ready,on your mark..
I used to blast his song.
Now i take it in wrong.
My days were so short now their so long.
How do you expect me to believe?
How do i know if somethings there if that something is something i can't see....
So i say goodbye.
Cuz im sick & tired.
Of commiting suicide.
And you can take my wings..iont wanna fly.
Take the truth iont wanna lie.
I love you but i couldn't this time.
Take my eyes i'd rather be blind.
Take my glow cuz iont wanna shine.
You have my sainity,i gave you my mind.
This is nothing new to you.
I bet you haven't even thought about walking in my shoes.
You said i got what i deserved.
What about all the good things i earned.
Thawt i was fireproof i ended up getting burned.
How i look at it now:
Take a life before your life gets took.
I tried to play fair,& go by the book.
I exploded like a champagne bottle shook.
You had me convinced s*** i was hooked.
One dose thats all it took.
I was in love with you,s*** i was smitten.
And somehow you still missed it.
Turned me into a monster,i was bitten.
Brainwashed,lost alotta friends cuz i just wouldn't listen.
Im known now as a catastrophe.
Look in the mirror & ax myself "whats the matter with me"
I feel like im too late.
Can't save myself im full of hate.
I was untouchable,who ever thought i'd break.
But aqain i say Goodbye..
Cuz im tired.
Cuz i cried.
Cuz i tried.
Yeah i lied.
But still i bide.
Maybe i lack Intuition.
Iont know your position.
I know its you im missing.
But its also you i waste time fixing.
Maybe ill never know why.
You pass me by.
You gave me no reply.
I changed for you.
It gets so confusing,this game.
Ive never felt this way.
I got strange pleasure through this pain.
Dont ax me,cuz i cant explain.
I thought you was my baby,but now i realized it now im like dang.
But aye like your new song says..
Iont hate thu player baby..

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