We Are BestFriends :)

February 9, 2010
mmmmmmm....We are Best Friends
mmmmmmm....We are Best Friends

I got a friend named Cydnee and shes all I need. She's got stars in her eyes that glow in the light.
She's got a heart for our friendship shes got love for me when I need it.

I think of Chasity every night and day. She is everything that satisfys me. I never thought we would be this close and I know, yes, I know. We are best friends.

ewwww....We are best friends
ewwww....We are best friends

We are best friends meant to be together. Never gonna be torn apart. As long as we are together. We will be awhole. 2x

She's all I ever wanted. Shes all I ever needed. She is there when I need her, shes there through the bad. I got name for her and its special.

mmmmmm.....together we stand.
ewwwww.....we are bestfriends

and I know yes, I know, we are best friends.

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