I Was Always There

February 8, 2010
By , Loomis, CA
Lights dim,
The single twang of a note,
Vibrating on a metal string
Chilling the air
She cannot see the people staring
Doubt on their faces
She’s locked in her own world
Nothing but sound

A staggering blur of fingers
Plunging toward the black and white
The keyboard softly sings
A sparkling melody
He doesn’t think
He feels, no wrong notes
Because before his eyes
A blank page flutters without music

The drums pulse quickens
A rhythmic beat is forming
Soft, then hard, light then forceful
Left then right, up, once again
He will not hear the crowd cheer
He will not hear the voices singing
There is only the rush of blood,
Pulsing with his drums

She stares straight ahead
The lights focus on her
She is the one who they came to see
They cannot remember the others names
But she does not know the fame
She only knows its price
The passion for her music
Has faltered never once

The music begins
Soft, sparkling, rhythmic
An unfamiliar voice rings in her throat
A tune passes her lips
The music swells
Carrying with it the lost souls
Many decades old
Some only new to the hurt

And for the moment
All has healed
The drug was administered
It has yet to fail
Those souls found music
Found their freedom
In the rise and fall of notes
And they will never remember the feeling

And sitting in the very last row
A little boy has found a home
He cries out with everyone else
The joyous song that so fills the air
He listens to the music and feels not lost
And in his bed at night
When he’s almost fast asleep
You can hear him humming
His rock star lullaby

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calephchad said...
Feb. 25, 2010 at 3:00 pm
I love this poem! 5 out of 5 most definitely! If you would like, come check out some of my work and give me some feedback! I would love to hear of you along with more of your work. Thanks and thanks again for this amazing poem! Keep it up!
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