A song for the open minded.

February 14, 2010
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Flowers blowing in the breeze.
That’s so cliché.
I tried to find a word here but it got lost. So I continued.
…..Like the hullaballoo of the dining room at two.
The the obstreperousy of my brother playing c.o.d
And oh my god.
I wish I could say that was a fish.
And oh my dayzz
The words just seem to pour out like split water.
Crumbling on my prickly fingernails.
And as mental as this seems.
I just can’t fix my head upright when gravity pulls it down.
I guess those mars bars are weighing up my insides.
And my outsides don’t seem so great either.
So when life gives you lemons
Go ahead and ask. Why the hell did you give me a lemon?
Coconuts are more to my taste.
And oh my god.
I think I’m blowing over.
And oh my dayzz
The winds are stronger than they look.
And I think I’m blowing over.
Like a flower in the breeze.
I’m blowing over.

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