Tender My Wrist

February 4, 2010
I can't see through the lies. I can tell you don't try. I believe in romance, souls thriving in a world of empty shells. Your soul spoke to mine, but mine, blind believed every rhyme. At my own espense your empty shell impersonating a soul, lauged at my despair. With swollen eyes I walked without reason and tried to do the same things that made me happy before, but now, after a year, I still yearn for your comorting soul. I believed yours was truly intwined with mine, but t was a joke to you from the beginning. Mouth watering, Itch scrathing, Gut wrenching. And all i have now is a broken soul, tearing at my insides. I find the time to grieve over lost smiles. Insensitivity never came so productively.
You fell away from me
Taking everything
but the kitchen sink
taking everything from me.

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