Shine, Shine, Shine

February 6, 2010
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Whatever happens
It's going to hurt either way
The sacrifice of distance
Out of sight, out of mind
I'm easy to forget
While he shines, shines, shines

What are we anyway
We avoid the question
Or maybe it's just me
Maybe you never felt anything

My pride stops me again
You ignore me
So i chalk your driveway
The pretty pictures mock our situation
While the mixed signals lead
to the heart and mind's collision

Friends or lovers
we hurt each other either way
The sacrifice of distance
We can't run that far
I'm out of your sight
I'm out of your mind
While you shine, shine, shine

I'm out of his sight
I'm out of his mind
Easily forgotten
But he shines, shines, shines

As the clock runs down
Maybe distance won't be so far
In your sight, in your mind
You won’t easily forget me
Because I've learned to shine, shine, shine

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