Warm Cup of Tea Days

February 5, 2010
You and I
we take a look at the sky
and watch the snowflakes pass by
our face
as though they're on a foot race

The only things that are warm
are our hands
put well together like a marching band

SO I look at you
and ask "What should we do?"

Then you smile
and begin to frolic through this wonderland
my face starts to feel like ice
while this world treats us so nicely

You shiver violently
and I can plainly see
that we are sitting in the core
of Earth's cooler

So you reach for my hand
and take me
inside our home for warm tea

Now I can truly say
I love feeling this way
spending it with you on this warm cup of tea day

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Tara_Rose said...
Feb. 15, 2010 at 12:54 pm
Tea fixes everything, doesn't it? :)
I really liked this. Check out my stuff, if you get the time?
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