Deep Down

February 1, 2010
By Micky GOLD, Snellville, Georgia
Micky GOLD, Snellville, Georgia
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Have I told
you lately
just how much you
mean to me?
Can I smile
at you without
thinking about the
last night,
the last night
you said
you would never
leave me?

Can I tell
you directly
just how much
you hurt me that
stupid night?
Have I ever understood
why you smother
your lies
in sweetness,
the sweetness
I said
I would never
stop loving?

No, no more,
no more lies,
from here on
out all I want is
from you lips
from your heart
just one
last kiss
from your lips
cuz deep
deep down,
I love you

You never
said you were
over me or were
wanting to move on.
Can you not
speak? Are
you left breathless?
From me or
some other woman
or a personal

I will never
hesitate to
hate you after
the last night,
the last night
your sweetness called
to me across
the sea of

No, no more,
no more lies,
from here on out
all I will ever
want is your
from your lips, your
from your heart,
that last kiss
from those lips
I will always
but deep
deep down
were never mine

No, no more lies,
never again,
I will not hesitate to hate you
cuz deep
deep down
I already do.

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