Standing as a champion

January 31, 2010
By , Highlands Ranch, CO
Verse 1
Here I stand alone and weak

I can barely speak
Then a voice inside me screams, “Go get 'em girl!”
So I charge with all my might
Knocking down all the danger and competition around me
I see my fans in the stands crying, “Beth!! Beth!! Put 'em to the test!”

I pull myself together Hold everything in until the moment when I strike and pounce

Like an angry cat
I'm showing them where it's at

I'm strong just like that!

Snap snap! Clap clap!

Bridge 1

I don't deserve this fame

I hate this game
I love how everyone knows my name

I think I'm going insane
Everyone watching what I say and do
Who ever knew things would be like this?

Hazel green eyes screaming revenge
That once seemed tame and mild
That became wild
Dirty blonde hair waving in the wind like a flag screaming, 'I'm no threat!'
A pale complexion making look like no fierce competition
Coming from a background seen as strange and too controlling

Chorus: What they don't know is

Where I come from You have all the freedom you'd ever want
If you just refuse to listen to all the tants
Just follow your values and stick up for what you believe

Don't cave in

Stand strong
Know where you belong

Be true to yourself

Never forget it!

Bridge 2: So I'm ready to accept my fate

No, it's not too late

I don't want any glory

I just want to survive

Being alive!
Striving to be the best I can be!

I got all that I need

I'm free of all the greed
Confident in my abilities

With strength coming from a trusting never failing source

Ending spoken: I have triumphed over all!

Verse 1 (2x)

Bridge 1 (2x)

Chorus (2x)

Bridge 2 (2x)

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