January 26, 2010
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Remember at the start when you and me,
Asked me if I would be apart of your whole story,
We’ve come pretty far but through all the glory
But who coulda foreseen
What was really meant to be,
I was able to look passed your actions,
But I can’t live knowing the possible satisfaction
Of if I were to be with somebody whos attraction
Is based off of more than therapy transactions,
You seem to be a great person on the inside,
But theres more behind the initial ride,
And I’ve come to decide
That I don’t belong on this side,
Maybe I was just lookin too deeply
Thinking you were something you couldn’t be,
So this is it, I’ll set you free,
Tried to make you see beyond the mistakes,
But they’ll never be directly made by me,
So this condescending ending
Is coming into capture ending the rapture
Along with this chapter…

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