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January 26, 2010
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I’m pretty new to InkPop
So thought I’d drop a few thoughts
To show you what I got,
First off, I’m the one thing I hate to talk about,
It makes me feel like I’m trying too hard to get my name out,
Secondly I hate those who pretend to be friends,
Actually got a poem just for them to read,
Thought I might bring them up to speed,
On how nobody wants someone who uses you or me,
Anyway onto number three,
3 months ago I began to show my writing even though,
Initially started since I started to grow,
When I was bout 9 years old,
My cousins and I would hold
Rap battles to see who could be bold and scold,
Though we didn’t write them down they were just told,
As for number four
I pour myself a glass of soda until we got no more,
I don’t know why but I can’t let a drop get by,
And I can’t deny
I can’t stop no matter how much I try,
Now that pushes us to number five,
The rushes of music make me feel so alive,
Initially my poems were to be my vibe,
Until I saw that what I was saying wasn’t on my side,
Submit it as poetry praying it would slide,
Six doesn’t rhyme so with a word in this line,
So I’ll just say what’s on my mind,
When I express it in music and text
And then theres Seven,
Its my number,
In soccer we didn’t sunder,
Wore it in the rain, snow, sleet or thunder,
And now to number eight,
I often come in late,
For some reason I always procrastinate,
Number nine is actually the number of lives I had,
I was given the name 8 lives in hmong by my dad,
I survived a miracle that I’ll mention when I did something bad,
Choked on my umbilical then went c-section on my mom and dad,
Leading me to number ten,
Last month I was driving home when
I lost control of my car and then
Suddenly I hit a tree that destroyed the car and me,
Cause it wrecking me emotionally,
And it wasn’t till I started writing that I was set free

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