Why Cant You See?

January 26, 2010
By Anonymous

There's not a you
and there's not a me
yet between us
there is a we

But why cant you see
the love that could be
but maybe...
you can not see
because you'll never love me

Then why cant i see
There will never be a we
never was an us
can all i do is fuss

Oh, what could be between you and me
I'm too afraid to see

Yet you'll never know,
you'll never see
the way that i hold
the things that you do to me
deep in my heart

you'll never find
the way that i cared
because you are not there
you'll never realize
the way that i look in your eyes
being honestly true
I'm madly in love with you

But you'll never see
that you and me
make we

Or is it that I'll never realize
whats behind your eyes
not the pain nor the sorrow
put off for tomorrow
not the love or lust
be for me

I know this is love
now what love that is
no one will know
forever and ever
my love will grow
stronger and stronger
for longer and longer

yet you cant see
you and i should be.

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