chances fading

January 30, 2010
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{verse A}
I'm throwing away pictures that i
never should have taken in the first place
and its cold inside my oom as i change
all the colors from the brightest reds to greys
well its three o-clock on monday morning
I'm just hoping your not seeing a crying face
it seems like i'm going throught the same
things again and again your gone without a trace

I've been through all of this before
I'm barely holding on
Trying to keep my mind from breaking
and theres never a happy ending
because when i hear your voice inside i cry
While i watch my chances fading

{verse B}
I'm stiiting here alone wishing i could
look into your eyes
to tell you that my feelings
for you will never die
i can only say this once
so please listen closely
i need you to undersatnd
that you ask to much of me


{bidge going into solo}
I'm tired of sitting in a puddle of tears
but i cant stand up and leave
because your hearts chains and shackles
are holding me making my heart bleed

(instrumental solo)

{vocal fill}
i can only say this once
so please listen closely
i need you to understand
that you ask too much of me


*sing in almost a whisper
when i hear your voice, inside i die
because i'm watching my chances fading

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