tragedy trumps comedy

January 24, 2010
her tired eyes just compromise
the fact that she's been up for days,
and her "oh i'm fines" and raised white lines
put her smile out of place.

the dullness in your blue eyes says you've
found a new way to escape,
but you best hold tight to your fast rides
before they slip away.

i'm only fading when you're faded,
keep time from wasting, you're so wasted;
baby, take advantage
because these girls are overrated.

i taste the liquor on your teeth and know it's not okay,
it's another kiss you've left to me and another day you drank away.
but i can't fix the twisted things you bring upon yourself:
the broken bottles and plastic girls that i can see right through;
it must be tragic to be handsome like you.

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meli-meli said...
Sept. 4, 2011 at 1:13 pm

I LOVE IT! I couldn't really tell where you were going and it seemed like another "pity piece" n the last line really ties it together! :)


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