The Melody

January 13, 2010
I am writting a song
A song only I can hear
The most beautiful song
You will never hear

This song has notes
Only I can perceive
The most descriptie words
No one could believe

This song describes
my philosophy of life
For which I am the scribe
This song wont end
And neither will it

This song amplifies
The deepest corners of my mind
But to your ears it lies
That is the curse it will bind

Soon there will be others
Who can hear my sweet music
With grandeous capacities
Your brains will be useless

My blue lullaby
Of multidimensional fuses
Inside my minds eye
That thrives with the muses

To you my song will be
Just like a dream forgotten
Meaningfull and blurry to see
But between priorities slaughtered

This indigo song I have created
Wont be heard, seen of felt
To their souls it will be connected
In the future it will be dealt
The song only I will perceive

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