Her Heart

January 13, 2010
By riz2468 GOLD, Frankfort, Illinois
riz2468 GOLD, Frankfort, Illinois
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Es ist traurig, wenn Leute, die Sie kennen, Leute geworden sind, die Sie gewusst haben, wenn Sie rechts Vergangenheit laufen können, jemand mag sie waren nie ein großer Teil von Ihrem Leben, wie Sie für hyours hatten reden gekonnt, und wie jetzt Sie gerade sogar können anschauen sie. es traurig ist, wie Zeiten ändert.

Her Heart:

Yearning for something lost
Remembering your warmth
Now my world is covered with frost
Our memories are torn
Was everything we shared just tossed?
or was is supposed to be borned

Butterflies and feelings of life shooting through your once severed veins
Your blodd runs cold to the bone
Now you are told things could never work
What did I see wrong?
Everything seemed so bold

were you there when I needed you,
When I wanted you?
Imaginations are behind the walls of my mind
They are overwhelmed with the oncoming tide
Everything I thought
Just blown away by the wind

Gone with the sound of my once beating heart
Feeling is non-existent
Every inch of me is numb
With the shock of unfortotten weakness
What I live is resistence, no more heed

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