I Guess We Prayed for War

January 13, 2010
By Derkaderk BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
Derkaderk BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
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Have you seen the ways, they forced you all to change
Pushed the boots upon your backs
Tied your ties too tight, waiting for papers that may never come
Holding light up to the sun, pushing dying power hoping it hits the enemy
Now everyone's got a life, it may not seem right to you
Take it away even if you wear the same shirts and shoes
They don't have the same God, preaching non-sense that makes sense to me
Just seems to be a capitalistic controversy
Even if you're happy with your life, freedom seems to bare its teeth
It's what we're promoting and taking from anyone who has something cheap
Guns aren't cheap, but neither are your feet, at least he's willing to lose yours
Not his, his are worth your vote, the vote that might have sent you there
Now we're asking one another, what have we gotten ourselves into?
Digging too deep below our feet, the ladder's too short they say
The sun keeps hiding, "I don't want to come out, who's the next to try and claim me?"
"Well that seemed fun, pick up the pace, I'm all for the death of your son, and we're winning this race."
Can't you see the happy side, it's a side we may never see
Thanks for the Peace

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by the song Sleep Through the Static by Jack Johnson. He is easily my favorite song writer, with lyrics that aren't simple, but make you think.

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