Be Yourself

January 13, 2010
Verse 1:
Nobody likes somebody who's fakes and two faced, so why would you act like you're somebody's friend one day, and then talk about them the next day, behind their back

If you're not going to be yourself then don't come around me, if you're going to be a two faced person, dont say anything to me, I don't have time for any bs, just be yourself, and maybe people will like you more

Verse 2:
Don't act like you're all that and say that you're better then everybody in the world, cause you're not perfect now, you're not that special, and you'll never be


Verse 3:
It's funny how you can keep talking at the mouth, even when nobody cares about anything that you're saying, especially the people who use to be your friends, cause all they do is ignore everything that you say


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