The Color White

January 12, 2010
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A little white moth flutters by
In its wings, I try to hide
Transparent as they may be
I feel a sense of security

I won’t drown myself in all your lies
Won’t be cut by all your thorns
I wait to hear the truth I see
Through your crystalline wings

I want to wrap myself in the blanket of your words
To protect myself from the genuine
But wings are ripped by winds of words
I can't stop my eyes from seeing
I can't stop my ears from hearing
I can't stop my heart from hurting
I can't stop his moths from flying

Little white moth land on my fingertip
Caress me with your wings
Even if you are an illusion
Of the truth I don't want to see

I sheath my heart once again
And step outside your comfort
I saw through your wings what I wished I hadn't
I can't forget the unforgettable
I can't accept the unacceptable
I can't forgive the unforgivable
I can't stop his moths from flying

Little white lies
Hide in little white wings
On little white moths
That surround me

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