Forgotten Not Forgiven

January 21, 2010
By TheRedBaron BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
TheRedBaron BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Now's as good as any other
Take my hand, we'll fall together
And I'll let go
I just needed you to know
I've got nine seconds and a pocketful of lies
My golden days have turned to cloudy skies
Now that I know what forever means
It can't be long if you can end it in weeks
I'm not hurt but my breathing's broken
I'm not okay but I'm slowly coping
So save your excuses
You're worse than useless
Tell me why you even bothered
My friends all told me no, please not her
And now your gone
And I'm left to sing this song
I've gopt a picture of us thats gone to flames
I'll turn my back and let the memories fade
You dont even know who you are
Pickin up the pieces youve picked apart
At best you were time well wasted
These stabs have left my heart serrated
So save your excuses
You're worse than useless

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