Alone Girl

January 18, 2010
By bobbill BRONZE, Rolling Meadows, Alabama
bobbill BRONZE, Rolling Meadows, Alabama
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Somedays I used to think I had it all
Till the day I saw myself crawl
to the depths of despair
alone with no where to go
just struggling for air.

Was a fool to believe when you said you had my back
and just like shattered glass crack
my hearts broken on the floor
itching, complaining till the last day, tearing me up to the center core.

Now I ain't just saying this cuz I miss you, don't wanta kiss you, nah girl I'm saying this cuz I'm pissed atchu.

Leave get the hell out of my life
Walking around here like you the million dollar price, girl please

best believe, you da biggest tease
"Baby do this, baby do that" haha thought i had it had but sure as hell don't want it back.

Hope this little note helps you see the light
Girl hear that bell (ring!), you just lost the fight
But you can say waht you want, do what you please, but don't come back crying to me

Girl, i just want you to realize that what you had is gone
Tell me how does it feel being alone?
Sucks Don't it, yeah i know it does
They said karmas a *** oooh
guess that included you too

How bout a clap-clap, lights out KO
haha girl there aint gone be no F-L-A-V-I-O
Look all you want, I ain't here no more, Just like Breezy said forever on the dance floor!

The author's comments:
i was pissed at this girl

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