La Chanson D'amour

January 17, 2010
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How can two people love another,
if all they feel is hate?

How can anyone take a sacred vow if all they want is to hurt them now?

How can two people who loathe each other,
create another and her brother?

The pain, the pain, the pain!

To be loved,
or not to be,

To see,
or to fly carefree of woes and worries all?

The choice is mine to make,
yet thrust on me by woe...

Carry on, but no more seeds do sow.

Carry on!
Carry on!
The cycle thou hast made.

Carry on!
But beware,
the pain that must be paid...

By your sons and daughters all,
whom bruised by your moral fall,

Will question ever-lasting love and kindness...

Keep these words in mind,
and in you heart please find,
a truth.

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