January 15, 2010
every time i take you in my heart starts to race
my world starts to spin and i lose my place
when your near you take away all my pain
make me high, makes me forget it's probably in vain
nothing makes me feel better than you
and i don't care if it's wrong, the things i do
rehab is not my way i'm not throwing my life away
i see it different, i see i as living life to the fullest
i won't let it kill me, not unless it's failure for us to be
not afraid of Addiction

when you leave i enter into withdrawal
the pain floods back, i can't take it at all
i can't breathe, i still need more
so what am i waiting for?
i need a whiff, a swallow here
just puff, a swallow there
only your return does it all rush back
the pain leaves my head, i'm free from attack
i guess i can't live without you
i can't quit, there's nothing i/you can do
this is the way i'll be forever only
unless i fail and somehow your gone

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