Pray For the Day

January 15, 2010
What happened to the world
That was promised to me
Everything’s gone
Where can the peace be?
Sons and daughters
Are busy dying
While politicians
Are here lying
Little children
With hand grenades
Everyone is here
Worrying about AIDS
Chorus: (Peace is what we need to pray
Children are dying everyday
While we’re financing a war
The government is asking for more)
We always feel the need
To pick up a gun
We feel the more we fight
We will have won
But there’s more here
That meets the eye
One question we should ask
Is “why”?
Everyone follows
What they say
In the end
We’re the ones that pay
We all know
Everything we do
It affects me
And it affects you
Tell the politicians
Tell a cop
Tell them this war
Has got to stop

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