If Only

January 14, 2010
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In this chamber,
Where the laws are unjust,
There’s no one you can trust,
No love it’s all just,
A world plagued by lust.

I am,
In search of my savior,
Who will come and set me free,
Live with me,
In such perfect harmony,
Which can only be described as a fantasy.

If only,
You would come find me.
If only,
You were here to just hold me.
If only,
Someone had already told me,
That you’ve been here all along.

So free now,
Oh god I cant thank you enough,
For giving me hope,
Carrying me up the slope,
That would have caused me to choke.

If only,
I could pay you back.
If only,
We could just leave with nothing packed.
If only,
We could just sit down and relax,
But wait, we can make it in this world.

We’re on the run,
From those who oppose us,
Who wish to destroy us,
Because we love each other when no one else does,
They really just wish there were us.

If only,
We could just escape.
If only,
They would let us have our faith.
If only,
We could wipe the smiles off their face,
Together we can rewrite the unjust laws.

For too long our prayers have gone unanswered,
But now I can see the light,
Grab my hand now we take flight,
I never thought it would be so bright,
A long embrace we hold so tight.

If only,
They could see us now.
If only,
We could just forget the doubt.
If only,
The world would continue and go about,
It’s our business, it doesn’t matter that they messed up.

No one can disperse us,
I am prepared to spend my life,
By your side,
If you can decide,
To one day become my wife.

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EdPedrys said...
Jan. 25, 2010 at 4:32 pm
Really long but as it goes on it gets better, not worse
xXWOLFXx replied...
Jan. 25, 2010 at 7:18 pm
Why thank you.
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