...And Only The Queen Had Its Hearts

January 14, 2010
By xXWOLFXx SILVER, Brunswick, Georgia
xXWOLFXx SILVER, Brunswick, Georgia
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"can't you pull out if noone is else is coming?" -Brandon Bailey

This is a strange,
And to you, I will tell.
Get out your razor blade,
That is, what she said.
Gather all these cards,
And cut out all the hearts.

Love is not a game,
You can gain no fame.
Don’t play with people’s lives,
Or they’ll break out their knives.
Your hand in mine is a royal flush,
That’s a compliment, go ahead and blush.

Only the queen can keep its hearts,
Just end this game before it starts.
For once I know I won’t be played,
And you should know you won’t get betrayed.

Verse 2:
Now, shred the joker,
This is not poker.
Put down the face the ace,
Look into my face.
Roll your dice,
Stare into my eyes.
We both know,
Love is not game.
So we will show,
Each other, not everyone is trying to play.

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