Broken Wings

January 2, 2010
By sabrina326 BRONZE, Lima, Ohio
sabrina326 BRONZE, Lima, Ohio
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When I look at you
I wish you knew
What’s building up inside
Behind all of the lies
I’ve been trying to find
A safe place to hide
Beneath my tears
Beyond all of my fears
It’s almost too clear

I look at you
I know the truth
I wish you knew it too
But you don’t have a clue

And I thought I meant so much to you

I am screaming
Now you are leaving

Can you hear the sound
Of my broken wings getting loud
Can’t just keep it down
It drags me to the ground

And you’ll never get a second chance
To see me fly
You ruined everything we ever had
In just one night
You can’t take it back

It’s okay
Hush up sweetie
It would have happened eventually

When I look at you
I wish you knew

How it feels without you by my side
But it’s too late to tell you goodbye

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