January 7, 2010
By MPWILB01 BRONZE, Lousiville, Kentucky
MPWILB01 BRONZE, Lousiville, Kentucky
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I’ve got ten more seconds,
And a choke hold on your eyes
I’ve been bagging up memories,
And holding back goodbyes
This clock is slowly ticking,
I’ve shed every disguise

I’m not angry,
Yet slowly hating,
I’m not worthless,
But your loves degrading
I won’t wallow in the moping,
I’m at sea in this mess
Yet it’s the first step to coping

I’m indecisive,
Yet I know the path to take
I’m not lost for words,
Just lost in the role we play
I’m not leaving,
But I know I can’t stay
I promised no tears,
But these eyes may betray

I’m not hopeless,
Just slowly backing down
I’m not furious,
Just familiarizing this frown
I’m not quiet,
But these screams make no sound
My hearts not broken,
Just shattered on the ground

I once swam,
Lost in your eyes,
Now I’m running,
Begging to be found

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