Run Away

January 6, 2010
By WriterGirl95 SILVER, Kinnelon, New Jersey
WriterGirl95 SILVER, Kinnelon, New Jersey
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You've built a world
of preps and jocks
only you're in
the laughingstock.

And when you turn
to laugh at them,
they stare at you
like you've got three heads.

Everything's the same here,
or maybe you're just gettin' older.
Thirteen can mean alot more
issues packed up on your sholders.

Not that twelve was any easier
Or maybe you're just gettin' lazier. Everything's the same here.
Don't you want to change, here?

You preps must find a day
that being preppy ain't what it was
trying to keep away
from all the unpopular ones.

You really think you can avoid us?
We're trying damn hard not to fuss. And we're avoiding you, too.
So, shut up 'cause you're all fools.

Living like this every day
makes me want to run away.
But, I keep on holding back.
And where would I go, anyway?

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