War in Slow Motion

December 26, 2009
V1- Shattered pieces of the heart, fall down like rain. Just go on and take what’s left of me, so I might feel less of this pain. Hallow eyes paint the grim stare of the mind. Turn the tides and you will find, a sea of tears held through all the years. You can only go down so low before opening old scars.

Chorus- Complicated situations is the cover up of it all. Aching stings as a familiar reminder that I’m still chasing safety by harsh strokes of will to find refuge in the Father. I’ve been touched in the deepest part of me, from the inside out. This disease is inside, coursing through my veins. The hurt embedded so deep, that all I can do is just weep until dawn escapes.

V2- Picking up pieces, try to glue them into shape. Wretchedness are the wounds that weaken the design. My heavy thoughts keep me on the ground. Just put a sign on me that says lost and found. With these chains I am bound.


V3-The thirst is taking over. As my brokenness and your strength collide. Bottled up to try to hide. You’re the one last candle that keeps out the night to show me which way to run to.

Chorus x2

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