December 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Spiritual Battle


we all need angels

'cos none of us are saints

we all need our great escapes

God knows we have enough restraints


we all need a mountain

cause some of us are dying to climb

we all need the verses

as we fight just to stay alive

believe me

I know where you are

and how far

you are

from the living God

oh Lord

take this soul

take these hands

take this world

turn this upside down

show me how

here and now

how do I get through to You


I need to say

I'm lost and so afraid

mistakes have been made


I'm living in the valley

of death and hate and fear

I'm burning in the anguish

of all that I hold dear

this world's got my dying

and I wanna stay alive

how can I get through to You


oh I can feel emotions

rising to the surface on me

I can feel the anger

the hate and the jealously

I can feel the demons

rushing in on all sides

I need to get through to You



You've told me

You've shown me

I've seen miracles from on high

but my sins have got me drowning

when all I want is to stay dry

these sands have got me sinking

under a muted sky

I though You were the problem

that was just another lie

how can You get through to me


we all need forever

that's how long we'll have to try

to listen to You


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