Put to the Test

January 8, 2010
By CylasPalacios GOLD, Macomb, Illinois
CylasPalacios GOLD, Macomb, Illinois
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Moved here 'bout four years ago,
my families satisfied, I'm gonna explode
It seems as though our culture is transforming me;
bad, good, and all in between

Why cant we all be original,
and speak from our own hearts?
It seams like life is a puzzle and we're just some of the parts.

Our styles have gone wild,
and everyone copies,
Why cant we just drive around sportin' gelapies?
It seams as though we are going downhill,
Maybe satan is controlling us 'til he gets his fill.

I guess al we can do is live with it, "spiv" with it,
and hope for the best,
Looks like life is gonna be one hard test.


The author's comments:
Life in general: People thinking that they are original but they are really not.
Maybe sorry, discomfort, but life is just one big test, so we can pass it!

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