The Wrong Rhythm

December 29, 2009
By HippieChick PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
HippieChick PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Once the door opened for me
but now I seem to have lost the key
it use to let in my trust
but now all the hinges have started to rust

||: I've been locked out,
I've been locked out :||

The sidewalk started to crack
and soon I'd forgotten my only way back
I stepped over a bug
But he smooshed it down as he gave me a hug

||: I felt it die,
I almost cried for it :||

A worm popped his head out the ground
but his tunnels were nowhere to be found
a bird saw him from the sky
and that foolish worm thought he could hide

||: I went along,
I went along with it :||

Then the wind started to blow
all of our thoughts into a tornado
the plants twisted words into weeds
on misunderstanding disaster feeds

||: I'd rather starve,
I'd rather starve with him :||

||: you played my heart,
and you played the wrong rhythm :||

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