No More Tears

December 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Verse 1

The tears i cry they pore down my face since the day they seperated and the way you went away everyday i didnt see you it killed me more i just wanted to see you cuz i missed you for sure let it goooo they told me but i didnt and your back here today theres been something i wanna tell you
your the best thing thats happened to me since the day my life was saved before you slipped away and i wanna tell you more the day you promised me youd love me always i felt the sun warm my heart the tears turned from to sad to happy and now i dont cry anymore

Verse 2
i see you in my dreams i feel you in my heart ill always love you you can always count on me ohh please just belive that your aaamazing you mean the world to me your the reason that i breathe i would of died without you i wanted to go i almost was gone you righted my wrrronng just know that


The author's comments:
There is this guy that is now my closest friend and i am falling in love with him so i wrote this song and its dedicated to him Trevor i love you and you saved me from myself i was doing things and i could have died and you stopped me and by that i owe you my life

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