Shallow Life

November 30, 2009
By , Hartland, WI
stop before i start
i'm done solving problems with plastic hearts
it'll tear our lives apart
i'll burn it to the ground, then cry when you don't come back to me
that's what was written on the wall
i stood and i watched and i let if fall
being bashful always causes harm
i already carved it in my arm
you make me feel so small
our mundane visits when passing through the halls
i always think to much about what to say
is that what drove you away
and i can see this happening again
someone else's win and i am just a friend
it'll be hard to make it through day and night
i can swallow the knife and get over my life
this is not your fault
it's mine and i guess i'll take the fall
if you could just help me out a little bit
i'll never get it
i'll never get it with such a shallow life

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