Everything is better with music

October 19, 2009
By Anonymous

There is nothing I can say,
Loud echoes I heard everyday
Everything is better with music
The noise made me angry and sick

Heard a boom right in my sleep,
Like an explosion of a cargo ship
I never took the time off to realise
Until that night I was really entice

I challenge the man calmly
But his response stunt me comically
Everything is better with music, he said.
I interrupted him so that awkward statement won’t spread

His mother died the booming got worst.
The music raised a public outburst.
Still, everything is better with music
He is rare, but very eccentric

Where he sat in his room listening to hymn
Assassins came, to kill, and swim
In a pool of blood,
But he was flourishing in music flood

Well, his wife and children was killed
He was not aware the assassins was fulfilled
In their very mission,
Because he could not help while in deep attention.

Now, there is nothing he could say
Loud echoes of pain he felt everyday
Everything is better with music
The noise made him depressed and sick

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