Beyond The Acordion Door

October 19, 2009
By Anonymous

The part that strike me, the least exhale
The voice,... like a nightingale,
That flailed me from pillar to post.
Those integrity warmth my frost
The love I have never heard before,
I stumbled in her accordion door
Just to dine in the brave I restore.

After a long wacky silence,
I broke into a narrow edge of belligerence
For my dearest cleat of a lifetime romance.
I was mocked, but never relenting.
To step beyond the accordion door,
With thorough cleverness, I dazed my sitting.
Far afar, and nearer, her appearance I adore.

It was not easy, through the accordion door,
Where I found her morning beauty
But with a diced expertise, I transcend.
I enter the accordion door and settle the score
The touch, like paradise embrace...her beauty
My first romance, I got mellowed, Don't know how I blend
That was the scene, beyond the accordion door.

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