what you've caused

December 18, 2009
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AS the days age
the more the rage
grows and shows
through to the
people around you

It seems
that this is not dream
a nightmare at that

these scars
uve caused
will never fade
and this is what uve made
no one can save you
but yourself
so loosen the noose
and save your self

uve caused this
increasing desire
to hit the tripwire
it has taken over
and my beat gets lower and lower

Now i feal your hate
it must be a seal of fate
cant u stop this

No! you cant
no sympathy at all
ur dying in a hall of lies

And i tighten this noose
to end the truths
no use
of letting your lies
slip right bye

no help to me
cant you see
your only helping me along
to end this song
because u created this

this incurible disease
that siezes all control

suddlenly the truth shines through
is it clear to you
it ist to me
cant you see
what is done to me
and the people around you

do you! no what a person you are

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AnarchyInTheUS said...
Mar. 3, 2010 at 3:51 pm
hi ppl my first post so plz comment give me some advice if u can thnks ppl
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