She Doesn't Love You

December 18, 2009
You may like her
But what about me
I thought I was sure
That you could see
Open your eyes
And close your legs
And you’d be surprised
Where your heart lays
I’d never leave you
Like she would
I’d be better than she ever could
Look around and you will see
That you are better off with me
I’m tired of playing games with you
Why can’t you just see me through?
I try so hard to get it through your head
All she wants is to lay with you in bed
But I really love you
Unlike her, she’ll just leave you
Once she’s got what she wanted
She’ll go through the door and shut it
I hope you now understand
What might be at hand
That you are worthless to her
Just please go for the lure
I need you
And you need me, too

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