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December 13, 2009
By jeanines GOLD, Stony Point, New York
jeanines GOLD, Stony Point, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"the only thing to fear, is fear itself."- theodore roosevelt

Cry baby, cry baby cry
Cry for all the memories, for all the pain and tears
Ohh cry, cry baby cry, cry baby cry
You look in the mirror, you look in the mirror
And all you find, within yourself
You went for a search but came back with nothing else
So you say to yourself
Nobody loves you
Nobody sees you
Nobody hears you cry in the middle of the night
All your love gone now in the middle of just one sound

So now your trying, your trying to climb yourself
To the top
But you slip and fall
So now your dying your dying
Your dying in the inside
Cry baby, cry baby cry
So that maybe one day this will be the last time

The author's comments:
this song is based upon feelings i had at one point in my life.

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