Sea of Me

December 11, 2009
This arrogant fighting,
This unruly passion,
Carried out gracefully
In a disgusting fashion.

These large words mean nothing,
When small ones should suffice,
It seems we're done with this,
It seems you're done playing nice.

Another day keeps coming,
Our bickering grows so much,
We have no other outlet,
We have lost each other's touch.

No more does the wind sing,
Nor does the rain sound soft,
My pain runs down with the drops,
And they chase down my thoughts.

Your words matter no more,
As they increase in their pain,
They cut me like razorblades,
But my wounds bleed in vain.

It keeps running down my chest,
With the bitter tears, they mix,
They drop like stones to the ground,
For them, there is no fix.

Across the floor, they flood me,
In pools that look on endlessly,
They push me on to drift along
And drown me in their sea.

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