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September 6, 2009
By Anonymous

There is no one who can feel my shame,
I'm the only one who seems to feel this way.
I control nothing it's all about my age,
there's something suicidal about this stage.

I know nothing is about to change,
but there's something she could say to me.
It sound right it's what I want to hear,
so whisper it loudly into my ear.

I know I'll never hold her hand again,
but I still don't care.
I'd give the world just to be there again,
it'll never happen is this The End?

Don't want to be different we're fine the way we are,
can't be the same we'll make it this far.
My dreams are shattered before I run,
at least I've grown I'll put down this gun.

The author's comments:
Yet another song written about a girl who I liked but did not like me back.

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