December 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Pen flying across the page,
with tears rolling down cheeks.
Feelings shared, a bond created,
but a gate separates.

Two hands yearning for the touch another,
but think of father and mother.
People talk and lines are drawn,
They cannot be with eachother.

the pain of dealing with loving you
it makes it hard to breathe,
the pain of what we're going throguh,
nobody can see.
the need of being with you, the one that is right
but if the others think its so wrong,
how long can we put up a fight?

the empty paper in front of me,
a letter which i will send.
what to write it strays from me,
no begining but i have an end:

" i want this to work but it hurts too much, so good bye for now. love always, your best friend, the girl too young"

The girl too young is my new name.
It pains me just to see.
The pain of what I'm going through,
nobody else can see.

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