heart shaped glasses

December 11, 2009
i like heart shaped glasses,
zebra prints, and free art classes,
lavender scented body lotion,
love that makes a big commotion.

and there's this boy,
and he's far away.
he always brightens up my day.
we've never met,
but we talk a lot,
while we watch movies
and smoke pot.

and all these feelings
i've been feeling,
came to me while i was sleeping,
in my dreams,
inner reflections,
my biggest fears,
with good intentions.

i just wanna be with you.
c'mon let's go to the moon.
save your milk money,
and come here soon.

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mcbob_kool said...
Jul. 22, 2010 at 10:56 pm
original...I think that the standard love poem has become a huge cliche, and this is a very original take on love, or 'like.' I think it's good, too. The first stanza is my favorite, though. It sets a good pace with an interesting voice.
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