Why Me

December 4, 2009
By , White Rock, NM
Verse 1
Every time I see your smile
My heart gives a stutter
And even though it’s been a while
I still feel a shudder
A hug is what I crave the most
A smile just for me
Though my friends don’t mean to boast
I feel the jealousy.
Why me? What gives you the control?
How did you get it? When did it show?
Why me? Who gives you the control?
To steal away that part of me and leave a gaping hole.
Verse 2
An emptiness I have inside
One only you can fill
Times again I’ve tried and tried
To hold you is my will
And yet the worst part of it all
The dagger bringing pain
Is internal struggle, emotional stall
Knowledge you don’t care the same

Chorus (edited)
Why me? What did I do wrong?
How did I lose you? When was I not strong?
Why me? When did I go wrong?
‘Cause now instead of seeing you I’m writing up this song.

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