For I Am a Priest

December 10, 2009
Feel the heat on your face the burning Crusades of flame,

Feel the darkness surround you feel the sound of dark,

Feel the life we lived.

(Guitar solo)

Be free at last from your mortal bounds feel your hungers melt away. The speed of the hunt the darkness at last give way. The darkness in light is calling the end of a life calling to be birthed anew Live the life, live the life, live the life of the dark.

Notes of shadows sing their rhymes,

Beasts of consumed wood. Melodies of the burning blood of the dark. Cast of the mortal bounds of life and live dying forever. Give wood to fuel the burning logs for I am a Priest o might. Let the call seep in from shadows, and let the fire Quench the night.

Do not quench the knowledge of the flames let darkness fade in light,

But give life to the undying shades as they need my words or wisdom. Cover the Living in caskets of gold, and give the dead their feast. Save the immortal undying souls from the death that is their plight. And worship the fire that gives us light and fear the unknown world. Let the light shine. Give your eyes to the flame. Fear the serpent yet take its gift, bow to the God and scorn his lands, honor the father yet scorch his child. Fear not the women shrieking in flames, for if they are disciples of god, It Will Not Burn. For I am a Priest

GIVE LIFE TO ME for I am a priest. GIVE LIFE TO ME, in lambs and furs and meat. GIVE YOUR LIFE TO ME for I am a priest and your worship I demand. Fire gives knowledge but burns, the Serpent gives fire but is bathed in evil. And the Lord is no more than a blindfold. WORSHIP me for I am a priest and bow before my robes.

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